Katrina's Angels

Coordinating resources for the survivors of major natural disasters.

    BIOGRAPHY - Technology Director
   Chas Honce

 Enjoying life by virtue of the three years it took me to take two years of Latin in middle school,
    I get to say,"The ChasInANutshellMiniCurriculum Vitae! is below:"

    SERVICE: Ex Marine,U.S.N.  Recruit Chief Petty Officer(RCPO)
    Radar tech 
    EDUCATION: U of GA.-Theater
    U of NORTH TEXAS pre-MED CURRICULUM, bio/chem
    SHOWBIZ: Actor, Stage, TV, voice overs, character voice specialist, editor, producer,resume available upon request.

    COMPUTER: sales,languages, instructor,networking consultant,
    Katrina's Angels chief technologist(www.katrinasangels.org)-webweenie
    Novell CNE/CNI

    Chas is ex U.S.M.C.R/USN.  At age 24, he took over a seven state sales territory for the flexographic printing firm Williamson & Co., Inc.
  Returning to school at the age of 28 ,Chas graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in Biology and Chemistry.
    In 1981, Chas left Texas for New York City to pursue an acting career, building a credible resume there.
    However, finding computers did not say, "Thank you, NEXT!", Chas bought a Commodore-64 and started the New York City C-64 users group.
    Since that time, Chas has been involved in programming, networking, systems analysis, remote communications and control, and the teaching there-of.
    In 2003, Chas moved his family from the New York metropolitan area to his wife's maternal grandmother's farm in Dewitt,KY where he drives a
    school bus and substitute teaches K-8 at Dewitt Elementary School.