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Coordinating resources for the survivors of major natural disasters.

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If you can donate gift cards to larger chain stores like WalMart or Lowe's, Katrina's Angels will make sure they get directly into the hands of those that need them. Send them to:

Katrina's Angels Financial Director Cheryl Bystrak
10535 Bergtold Road
Clarence, NY 14031

If you have other items available such as new or almost new over-the-counter medicines, first aid or grooming supplies, diapers, etc., and are willing to absorb shipping costs or deliver them to the affected areas, we can tell you where to send them. Please contact send an e-mail here


In the interest of going green and keeping new, usable, but discontinued, or small lots of building supplies such as tile, flooring, doors, sheet rock, and other items from filling up landfills, consider donating them to those rebuilding in the gulf or other disaster areas. If you have other new, usable, but discontinued or small lots of items such as dishes, clothing, or pots and pans, we can direct you as to where to ship them. It is a win-win situation: the items stay out of the landfills, the donor gets a tax deduction, and people in the gulf get needed supplies to fix up and return to their homes. We live in a big country with many resources, and the clients of Katrina's Angels, Inc. rely upon your generosity. Our goal at Katrina's Angels, Inc. is to provide long-term solutions as quickly and efficiently as possible.