Katrina's Angels

Coordinating resources for the survivors of major natural disasters.

Donor Acknowledgment

Donor Acknowledgment
Katrina's Angels could not continue to provide help to disaster victims if it weren't for our kind and generous donors. Thank you to everyone who has reached out a hand to help, and to everyone who has been so kind as to donate to our cause.

Karen Iwicki
Program Director
Katrina's Angels
Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes continue to rock our country and the world. Many people, especially those in flood areas, are uninsured or under-insured. We would like to send aid and get them back on their feet. You can help!  Please help us and donate what you can. If you want to donate online, please make a donation using PayPal.

Follow our progress on this and other projects at: Katrina's Angels Facebook Page at: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Katrinas-Angels/18397199071

2011 Donor Acknowledgements

Tonawanda Aquettes
Mr & Mrs. Ron Arp
Cheryl Bystrak & her family
Nancy Cook
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Iwicki
Mr. & Mrs. Linsenbigler

2010 Donor Acknowledgements

Junior Angel Smantha Bystrak and her friend, Laura
Tanya Sciria Coyle
Jesse Hearin
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Iwicki

December, 2009 Donor Acknowledgements

A big thank you goes out to the following whose generosity helped us to aid flood victims in Gowanda, NY and Austell, GA, among other places this year:

All Anonymous Donors throughout the year 2009
Janet & Ron Arp & AuctionsRFun
Home Depot #1230, Williamsville, NY
Kathleen McCamman, Pagosa Springs, CO
 All who have donated gift cards to Target, WalMart, and other stores
US Marine Corps Toys for Tots Program, Buffalo, NY for numerous new toys
Users of Goodsearch.com
Voters on Yugsters.com for Monthly grant contest
September, 2009 Donor Acknowledgements

Janet & Ron Arp & AuctionsRFun
MaryAlice Bartlett
Alethia Mills, Torrance, CA, for her generous donation All who have donated through the use of Bristol, Meyer, Squibb;

Helium; Network for Good; and MissionFish Auctions
June, 2009 Donor Acknowledgments

A big thank you goes out to Tim Nemec of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, whose recent donation will be used to help children this

In a review of our records, Katrina’s Angels, Inc.  (KA) would like to acknowledge the donation of $500 by Kohl’s Department store in Denver, CO toward the Underwear & Sox campaign directed to Galveston, TX following Hurricane Ike. Although we did acknowledge their contribution on our blog, we would also like to recognize their generosity here.

Also thank you to Anis Nagi whose donation helped a family last Thanksgiving…and thanks to the anonymous donor whose donation in memory of Tressie Rooks was used to help children in the Katrina’s Angels Christmas Club for Kids 2008 campaign. If you have ever donated anonymously to Katrina’s Angels, we owe you our deepest gratitude. Thank You!

Our appreciation also goes out to all of those who have purchased items from EBay through Consultant Janet Arp’s  AuctionsRFun link at http://donations.ebay.com/charity/charity.jsp?NP_ID=12064  and to those who purchase bracelets on our web site link at http://www.katrinasangels.org/FundraisingSale.asp, as well as those purchases made from Katrina’s Angels Café Press store at http://www.cafepress.com/katrinasangels A percentage of the proceeds from any of those sites help fund KA programs and help disaster victims in need.

Spring, 2009 Donor Acknowledgements
Spring season and, we have a few more friends to thank. Katrina's Angels appreciates everyone who has lent a helping hand during our Underwear and Sox Drive, especially the Graduate Student Association of North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC. Led by Chief Executive Counselor Kenya Reed, those wonderful students held their own sock drive when they heard of our cause. Several boxes of donated socks were sent to Galveseton, TX on Tuesday April 21, 2009.

Katrina's Angels would also like to thank the Colgate-Palmolive Company which donated fifty dental care kits, containing toothpaste and toothbrushes for children. In addition to dental supplies, the children’s kits included a short story for the children to read explaining the importance of good dental hygiene.

Winter, 2008 Donor Acknowledgements

Once again, our generous donors have come through for those in need! Katrina's Angels extends our gratitude and special thanks to the following donors for contributions to our Thanksgiving Gift Card Campaign: Thanks to you, Katrina's Angels was able to help 211 people have Thanksgiving Dinner at home with their families. Thanks also to the Salvation Army of Galveston, TX and to Family Services of Baton Rouge, LA, areas which were hard-hit by Hurricane Ike and Hurricane Gustav; and the Eddie Davis Center for Underprivileged Children in Des Moines, Iowa, an area hard-hit by the Midwest Floods of 2008.

These groups on the ground helped to select the families most in need and to distribute the gift cards to those families.:
TGIF Restaurant, Aurora, CO
Super Target-Denver West, CO
Super Target-Glendale, CO
Target-Broomfield, CO
Safeway, Denver, CO
Kathleen & Dan McCamman, Denver, CO
June Peak, Pittsburgh, PA
John Tomaselli, McLean, VA
Dave & Dale Svatik, Dallas, TX
and to our other generous donors this holiday season, including:
Arturo Munoz, Culver City, CA
Lyons Township High School Student Council of Western Springs, IL who donated $1,000! What an awesome thing to do!

Actor Vincent D'Onofrio Donates $1,000 to Katrina's Angels! Tuesday, September 30, 2008 We are pleased to announce that as part of the fundraising campaign currently being led by Advisory Board member Kija Brooks, actor Vincent D'Onofrio of Law & Order: Criminal Intent has just donated $1,000 to Katrina's Angels! D'Onofrio's donation is the largest we have ever received from an individual donor, I beleive. Kija is
working very hard trying to get donations to help us with supplies and a warehouse for disaster victims. So far, the donations total about $1,160 with more pledges to come. Katrina's Angels gratefully acknowledges the support we are receiving from Kija and her fellow workers on the set of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. With their help and the help of any one else who would like to donate, our dreams are a step closer to reality.
--Thank You! Karen Iwicki

Katrina's Angels is very grateful for our new-found alliance with Jaeckle Wholesale Distributors of Madison, WI. In the interest of going green and keeping new, usable, but discontinued lots of building supplies like tile and flooring from filling up landfills, this wonderful company has so far donated four truckloads of building supplies to clients of Katrina's Angels so they may rebuild their homes. Those include: H.O.P.E Missions in Angie, LA; Lakeshore Rebuilds of Lakeshore Baptist Church in Lakeshore, MS; The Green Project, New Orleans; and Operation Nehemiah, New Orleans. These supplies are being used to rebuild homes in those respective towns, and for that we are grateful. Katrina's Angels hopes that our alliance with Jaeckle Wholesale Distributors continues in the future and that news of their generosity will spark more donors like them to come forward.

For more details see: Katrina's Angels Blog http://katrinasangelsblog.blogspot.com
Katrina's Angels August, 2008 Car Wash A Success!
Katrina's Angels wants to thank fifteen-year-old Jenny Miller and all her friends in Okemos, MI, who are fabulous Fund Raising Angels! With her mother, Barb Lezotte, as Katrina's Angels Community Coordinator for the event, Jenny and her friends held a car wash to benefit Katrina's Angels. They made around $350 which they donated to Katrina's Angels to help survivors. Jenny came to Katrina's Angels because she wanted to help. Katrina's Angels helped organize it by supplying fliers, posters, and a banner for the event. Katrina's Angels wishes to thank all who participated for helping us to help disaster survivors. If you or anyone you know is interested in helping us out, contact info@katrinasangels.org.

Katrina's Angels also extends their thanks to the following for their recent generous donations: Safeway, Inc. Centennial, Colorado, for the generous donation of a $50 gift card for our survivors' Thanksgiving Dinner Project, 2008 Our Angels who are pitching in, all those who are purchasing Ten Commandment Bracelets for our Fundraising Sale, and all anonymous donors Thank you for your generosity and support during these trying times.
Thanks for helping our Christmas Season Families In Need!!

And a BIG Thank you for your help with our Easter Egg Drive!!

Katrina's Angels extends their gratitude for your help during the Kansas and Iowa Flooding during Spring, 2008!!!
Fall, 2007 Donor Acknowledgements
Schools, Libraries and Community Centers Drive:
Here are the recent donors/donations Katrina’s Angels has received and distributed:

IAM Foundation, Alpha Phi Omega and Chris Fleming , Danville, KY iamfoundation.org www.iamfoundation.org
Donated approximately 5000 books. 19 boxes of books sent to STARC in Slidell, LA, and 38 boxes of books sent to
Hattiesburg, MS.

Thanks to shipping arranged by Citizen Action Team and donated by UPS Air, Louisville, KY
First Book National Book Bank New Orleans Book Relief 2007 www.firstbook.org
Donated 422 new books sent to Louise Head Start Center in New Orleans, LA

Tonia Rensberger,Model Elementary 5th Grade, Goshen, IN
This fifth grade class is donating Scholastic books to a fifth grade class at Lanier Elementary School in Baton Rouge, LA.

Critters for Katrina’s Kids Have donated and shipped over 10,000 stuffed and stuffed toys to 35 Gulf Coast sites!

IAM Foundation and Sarah Feret, Capitola, CA Collected and donated 80 books to St. John Jr/Sr High School, Gulfport, MS

Linda Weisburg, District Librarian, Greenon Local School District, Springfield, OH
 Donated a set of 1990 Encyclopedia Brittanica in perfect condition, leather bound and edged in silver, and graciously accepted
by Rabouin High School in New Orleans, LA
Donor Acknowledgements, Christmas, 2006:

Landmark Education Team, Management and Leadership Program, Graduating Class of Nov '06, Altamonte Springs, FL, $100 Target Gift Card

Daniel and Lori Negreanu, Las Vegas, NV $100 WalMart Gift Card

Mr. Bryon O'Neal $129 from an auction for a Christmas tree, wreaths and centerpiece
 PS 158 Student Council Raised $1,100 in donations during a Read-A-Thon

The Power of Music Fundraiser http://www.musicishealing.org Raised $1,800.
Goo Goo Dolls (band) Items were auctioned

KEY Club in Wyoming $200 Walmart Gift Card

eBay Friends  Donated over $200

Also thanks to:

GRABAR Electric, Harahan, LA