Katrina's Angels

Coordinating resources for the survivors of major natural disasters.

BIOGRAPHY - Resource Director

Jesse Hearin

Jesse Hearin is a practicing attorney, proud father, and citizen of Pass Christian, Mississippi. He has worked in law firms, in businesses and as a solo practitioner. The focus of his law practice is consumer protection, civil rights litigation, employment law, insurance law, and government contracting. He is the founder of Hearin, LLC, a Louisiana law firm located in Slidell, Louisiana.

He has always borne a passion for giving a voice to citizens the system tries to ignore. He graduated from LSU Law School and received academic awards in Constitutional Law and in the Administration of Criminal Justice. He worked in the private industry as the Manager of Business Operations for Mississippi Polymer Technologies, Inc. (“MPT”), a high-tech, startup company, where he was an officer and managed the administrative functions of the corporation. He has extensive experience in grant writing, government relations, and catastrophe planning/recovery.

When Hurricane Katrina hit - his home was reduced to a slab and MPT was severely damaged. He was key player in the recovery of the business and in the administering of a grant program to aid displaced employees in getting back on their feet after the storm. He remembers those who came from around the country to assist the people of the Mississippi Gulf Coast in their time of need, and hopes that his work with Katrina's Angels can, in some small way, show his appreciation for the many acts of selfless kindness he observed after the storm.