Katrina's Angels

Coordinating resources for the survivors of major natural disasters.


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Volunteer Organization Making Positive Impact for Katrina Evacuees After Disaster Relief is Cut Off by Other Agencies

1/2/2006 - Altamonte Springs, Florida - A national grassroots volunteer organization, Katrina's Angels, continues to provide assistance with placement in housing, employment, and the acquisition of resources for the 2.2 million people affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Housing Director, Cheryl Bystrak states, "Our toll-free hotline rings off the hook. With so many families scattered across the U.S., still living in hotel rooms, tent cities, and some even living in their cars, there is a dire need of housing, jobs and necessities. The needs continue to be immense."

The organization offers contacts and resources for housing that most displaced evacuees do not have access to. Katrina's Angels steadfastly grows stronger by partnering with communities and other relief organizations.

Program Director, Conni Davis, states, "Many rescue and relief effort sites are currently downsizing, or falling off the map. We recognized early on that in order to serve the long-term needs of survivors, the most effective action was to foster partnerships with other organizations to fill the void where others have left off." Davis further comments, "KatrinaHousing.org was one of the first housing databases to serve evacuees and was very successfully. Over time, the web site became in jeopardy of losing its resources from a lack of volunteers. Through joined forces, this site has been redirected to Katrina's Angels and revived to continue answering the calls from evacuees seeking permanent housing. Fostering relationships with other relief organizations and the communities where the displaced have relocated only strengthens our capacity to make a significant impact."

Katrina's Angels' partner, "Katrina's Toybox" (http://www.katrinastoybox.com) has sent over 4,000 toys to Evacuee families and counting. Rumor has it that Santa sent a message from the North Pole that Christmas will be extended for Katrina Kids through January 31st, 2006!

Mission From Minnesota (www.missionfromminnesota.org) is a partner coordinating transportation, supplies, and resources for volunteers wanting to provide cleanup services in the Gulf Coast.

A Katrina's Angels volunteer, Anna Gallagher, delivered a truckload of art supplies to an elementary school from Florida to Louisiana. One Adoptive Angel sent a family a new Dell Computer empowering them to rebuild their business lost to the storm, and start their lives over with a promising future. These are only a few instances representing families and everyday citizens wanting to help that were served by the organization. Katrina's Angels is committed to the recovery process, however long it will take.

"What Katrina's Angels provides is a structure for volunteers to truly make a direct impact on the lives of the evacuees," states the organization founder, Tony Coolidge, "The organization also provides our partner organizations the opportunity to share resources and reach a broader base of people."

Katrina's Angels is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that consists of over 100 volunteers, and growing daily. Anyone wishing to join the organization as a volunteer, partner, or make a donation can visit the web site at www.katrinasangels.org. Monetary donations may also be made at any Wells Fargo branch in the name of Katrina's Angels or at our website using Paypal.