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Recruiters for Katrina Relief Virtual Career Fair Friday November

11/1/2005 - Los Angeles, California - Recruiters for Katrina Relief (RKR) will be holding its first Virtual Career Fair with over 300 positions that include finance, technology, retail, call center representatives and many others located in California, New Orleans, Ohio and elsewhere. All approved participating hiring managers have agreed to fill submitted positions with 2005's Hurricane survivors, make decisions on candidates in 1-2 business days, provide open lines of communication with candidates throughout the hiring process, and assist in rapid relocation. Where most career events provide a chance to drop off a resume, Recruiters for Katrina Relief will provide a platform for urgent hires amongst candidates that desperately need timely results.

"When we talked to experts who had toured the region, the overwhelming message was one of urgency. The companies who have stepped up to help understand this and will be putting their resources behind this effort," said Craig Silverman, the founder of Recruiters for Katrina Relief, EVP for HireAbility (www.hireability.com).

Aerosoles‚ Southwest District Sales Manager in New Orleans, Amy Duos said, "Recruiters for Katrina Relief and Aerosoles share the sense of urgency to help these people return to work. We also share a sense of compassion for the enormity of what they have been through."

Another of the generous company leaders, Jeff Van Fleet, President and CEO of Lighthouse Technologies in Dayton, Ohio said, "Our hearts go out to those affected by Hurricane Katrina and we would like to offer assistance. We would like to offer our Dayton, Ohio office space (as well as phones, computers, fax, copier, etc. as needed) for a small company, team, or individuals that have been displaced by the hurricane. We will also do what we can to provide assistance securing housing, etc."

With a common goal, Recruiters for Katrina Relief is also proud to announce a new partnership with Katrina's Angels. This partnership will allow for efficiency in the Virtual Career Fairs as well as offer greater resources to the evacuees each group contacts.

The Virtual Career Fair will begin at 10 a.m. Pacific Time on Friday November 4, 2005 at RecruitersForKatrina.org and can also be linked via KatrinasAngels.org. Candidates are invited to submit their resumes, and will be submitted to our clients and/or contacted by a RKR volunteer to coordinate pre-screening and interviews.

Volunteers are still needed to:

Forward RKR information to company leaders who may be looking to hire for on-site or off-site workers.
Assist Recruiters for Katrina Relief to get exposure to ensure success for current and future career events.
Post to web sites, blogs, chat rooms, and other virtual locations.
Review resumes and provide career counseling. (Sign-up location: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/recruiters4katrina/database?method=reportRows&tbl=7)
Press contact: Courtney Campbell RKR Advisory Board Member
About Recruiters for Katrina Relief:

Recruiters for Katrina Relief (RKR), a national group of experienced recruiters, staffing and human resources professionals who are banding together in an all volunteer effort to help the people affected by Hurricane Katrina to find jobs. Please visit our web site, recruitersforkatrina.org, and our blog, http://www.recruitersforkatrina.blogspot.com/.

About Katrina's Angels:

Katrina's Angels is a national effort that is driven by the generosity of volunteers. We are committed to providing customer service to connect evacuees with resources for thousands of individuals displaced by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Katrina’s Angels can be accessed at katrinasangels.org.

About Aerosoles:

Aerosoles is a leading brand of footwear based in Edison, New Jersey. Since 1987, Aerosoles has developed high quality, comfortable and fashion-right shoes at affordable prices. Please visit aerosoles.com for more information.

About Lighthouse Technologies:

Lighthouse Technologies, Inc. (lighthousetechnologies.com) is a leading provider of high-end software engineering services located in Dayton, Ohio. For details on office space, contact Mark Dancer at mdancer@lighthousetechnologies.com.