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Katrina's Angels Inc. Has Partnered With Operation Love Thy Neighbor

4/10/2008 - Clarence, New York - Clarence, NY -- Katrina's Angels Inc. Has Partnered With Operation Love Thy Neighbor

Katrina's Angels, Inc. (wwww.katrinasangels.org), a 501(c)3 organization, is helping their partner, Operation Love Thy Neighbor (http://www.operationlovethyneighbor.net/), with The Missouri Flooding Project. Because they currently receive no federal funding, they are in urgent need of donations to buy the following supplies for volunteers who are mucking out flooded homes:
bleach, hand sanitizer, flat shovels, bottled water, latex gloves, 5 gallon fuel containers, New Testaments, children's coloring books and crayons, paper towels.

Groups of volunteers are urgently needed by Operation Love Thy Neighbor (OLTN), on location for The Missouri Flooding Project in Rolla, MO. Two trucks (one with bunks and shower), a small bobcat, and a warehouse for their use only are available courtesy of I-TEC International. OLTN is located on high ground in the area. They need help filling sand bags right now, mucking out houses after the water recedes. Many of the people in this area are uninsured or under-insured and need our help. If you can help, please contact Katrina's Angels, Inc. at info@katrinasangels.org.

Katrina's Angels began as a grassroots effort to find and help fill the "pockets of need" following Hurricane Katrina. Katrina's Angels has since evolved to recently become incorporated in the State of New York and is now registered as a Public Charity 501(c)3, EIN 13-4364286, as of August 24, 2007.

"Although we began by providing direct relief to Katrina survivors, at the time of incorporation, Katrina's Angels reorganized and revised our Mission Statement to focus on community endeavors and expanded those efforts to include all state and federally-declared disasters in whatever way we can be of assistance," said Program Director Karen Iwicki. "Since that time, we have created a new campaign we call Alternative to Dumping - Going Green. In addition, we continue to help other groups on the ground in disaster areas, such as Operation Love Thy Neighbor." (For more information, see katrinasangelsblog.blogspot.com)

Over the past few years, Katrina's Angels, Inc., has gathered many lists of resources and has created a library of these listings and links sorted by state and available for public use by clients and other groups. To view or access this library of resources, join and check out the Angels In Action forum at: