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From PNN Online: Volunteer Organization Continues to Make a Positive Impact on Katrina Evacuees

1/4/2006 - Nonprofit Online News and Information Resource, International - Posted by: laurakujawski
A national grass roots volunteer organization, Katrina's Angels, is providing assistance with employment, housing and acquisition of resources for the many evacuees of Hurricane Katrina. According to the organization, as other relief agencies are cutting off assistance to families, the volunteers and partners of Katrina's Angels are stepping in to meet the needs of displaced families and individuals.

"As the rescue and relief efforts of other agencies come to an end, our toll-free hotline is starting to ring off the hook," states program director, Conni Davis. "Families living in hotel rooms and in their cars are in dire need of housing, jobs and necessities. The need is immense."

Katrina's Angels' partner Katrina's Toybox sent over 750 toys to families in Louisiana before Christmas. One of Katrina's Angels volunteers, Anna Gallagher, delivered a truckload of art supplies to an elementary school from Florida to Louisiana. These are only some of many instances where families and groups of people were served by the organization.

Katrina's Angels manages KatrinaHousing.org, which is a housing database containing over 30,000 housing records.

"What the Katrina's Angels organization provides is a structure for volunteers to truly make a direct impact on the lives of the evacuees," states the organization founder, Tony Coolidge, "The organization also provides our partner organizations the opportunity to share resources and have accountability provided by our volunteers."

Katrina's Angels is nonprofit organization that consists completely of volunteers, with over 120 active volunteers. The organization also is in partnership with other organizations providing services and resources for hurricane evacuees. Katrina's Toybox is a partner providing toys for evacuee children. Homes For Katrina is a housing partner providing housing opportunities. Recruiters for Katrina Relief is an employment partner providing recruiting services with 200 professional recruiters volunteering their services. Mission From Minnesota is a partner providing transportation and resources for volunteers wanting to provide cleanup services in the Gulf Coast.