Katrina's Angels

Coordinating resources for the survivors of major natural disasters.


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Katrina's Angels Needs Volunteers

1/24/2006 - Anywhere, International - Katrina's Angels is a group of grassroots volunteers nationwide that are in this disaster aftermath relief effort for the long haul. Clearly, the media's attention has shifted and yet widespread devastation is real and the needs remain urgent. It will take many years for our Gulf Coast to recover. Where large government agencies and charitable organizations leave off, we are here to fill in the gaps.

Our mission and commitment is to be available to all
Americans for any future national disaster that occurs.

Come help us provide a hand up and empower survivors to create a promising future. We have multiple volunteer positions open in Housing Placement, Employment Placement, Online Research, Website
Development, Media, Direct Relief to families in need, Data Entry, Fund Raising, Flier Distribution, Ground Relief, and much, much more.

So many people express their desire to help somehow, but don't know how. We would love the opportunity to show you how. Katrina's Angels provides training and support for volunteers.

If you are an evacuee in need of housing placement, or are displaced in an area affected by the recent hurricanes and need housing, please contact us for assistance at:


If you require employment placement assistance, please go to our website (www.katrinasangels.org) to upload your resume, or complete an online application.

If you require assistance with resources, special medical needs, clothing, etc., please contact us at the email address posted below.

If you are considering volunteering with Katrina's Angels, and have additional questions, please feel free to send your query to the email listed below, or go directly to our website to sign up on
the volunteer registry.