Katrina's Angels

Coordinating resources for the survivors of major natural disasters.

Housing Help 



When an CLIENT needs housing, these are the steps to follow:

1. Get their name, contact info (phone, mail), # in the family (adults/children), pets, location where they want to be, what type of housing they desire or would consider (apt, shared, etc.), do they have a car, special needs (no stairs, etc.), do they know a particular zip code where they would like to be, do they need help finding a job, what type of job, have they applied for their FEMA/RC money, etc.

2. If you can search while they are on the computer or phone with you (IM'ing or whatever), you can give them some contact #'s to check out. These are sites that have housing available, but may not be up to date:

www.katrinahousing.org (has shared, independent, reduced rent, etc.)

http://www.rurdev.usda.gov/rd/disasters/katrina.html (USDA housing - rural)

www.teamnolahousing.com (has links to other housing sites, etc.) 

3. You can email the ones posting that housing is available to see if it is still available and then get back with the CLIENT. you can give out the phone #'s to the CLIENT'S (or call yourself) for them to talk with the posting family and ask any ?'s they may have. If you are calling for them, let each party know you will get back with them either way.

4. Once there is a potential match, a background check should be initiated on BOTH parties. while we don't want to place a pedophile into a home with children, we certainly don't want to place children into the home of a pedophile. The background check can be done on line or by phone. www.crimcheck.com 1-877-992-4325 Toll Free / 1-877-992-4727 Toll Free Fax.

5. FEMA is providing one way transportation to a new destination for the CLIENT  family. they will need a specific address and contact at the new location for confirmation. (**somebody on the call last night had a specific # for FEMA trans, but i don't know it).

6. There are contacts in receiving locations that will help the families get set up (sheets, furniture, pots, dishes, towels, etc.). They should be contacted to find out their availability to help. there is not a master list of these, but are easily located on the web when searching for "help katrina victims in ____ (name of city)".  7. You MUST confirm everything with the CLIENT and move on to the next one needing help!! 


CONGRATS! ...Do it again!!