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2007 ---Now what?

Date: 1/12/2007

2007 ---Now what?

One of the lessons learned over the last year is a simple one but powerful :

With enough dedication and work and help from our friends, we can do ANYTHING!

Much like the situation in the Gulf, Katrina's Angels is changing and adapting itself to the current reality so that we can better serve the public and honor our mission, which is to serve and offer support to disaster survivors with dignity, compassion, and professionalism.

With our mission in mind, Katrina's Angels is modifying our focus for the year 2007.

We will be focusing ONLY on community long term projects so that we might offer solutions to needs to entire neighborhoods. This means we are shifting from individual relief --we will NOT be offering assistance to individuals. We will offer support to other groups that are doing an exceptional job with individual support, though.This way we hope to offer help to many more people and help create opportunities that are long term. Some proposed projects we are looking at are:
1. Setting up a food pantry.
2. Securing transportation for the elderly to get to medical help.
3. Developing a playground.
4. Creating policy and procedures to set up several distribution centers in the event of another disaster.
5. Continuing our support of schools, libraries and day care centers.
6. Creation of community "recovery" gardens.

There will be other projects throughout the year that we will announce but we will still need everyone's help. We need enthusiastic and committed people--we need your energy, ideas, and leadership. Please contact us with your suggestions. So many times we hear volunteers say they do not know how they can help but they will help with anything and after a few minutes of conversation, we realize these people have so much to offer. Volunteering does not mean a huge investment of time or money --it is a state of mind to help others. If you want to help someone, then you are a volunteer with valuable insights and expertise and WE NEED YOU. Please contact us. We are here to make your volunteer experience with Katrina's Angels as meaningful for you as possible. No suggestion or idea is without value and we will welcome you with open arms. And you will meet some of the greatest people ever.

My New Years Prediction:
With your help, 2007 will be the best year ever. We are looking forward to making some new friends and making some wonderful projects happen. Please join us and be a part of our team.