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Offer Of Housing For Katrina Victims

Date: 10/30/2005

Thursday, September 01, 2005
Offer Of Housing For Katrina Victims
A reader has e-mailed asking where you can register to offer housing to Katrina victims. I suggested Craigslist.

There was an audio report on NPR's All Things Considered last night that talked about a couple who had posted an offer to house a family on Craigslist.

Does anyone have any other suggestions.

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UPDATE: Here's the link to the Craigslist offers of housing for Katrina victims. Thanks to Intapundit for the tip.

UPDATE II: Here's two more places to offere housing to Katrina victims:

The Katrina Home Sharing Registry
The NOLA.com Homes Available Board

Thanks to Trevino at RedState for the tip.

UPDATE III Here's one more:

Bill Hennessy's Homes for Katrina Victims

Thanks to Patrick Ruffini for the tip.

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I have a room with a queen bed and a bathroom available for Katrina victims and I am willing to share my home

Posted by: Penny Swift | Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Craigslist is great, but so limited.

At http://www.safehavennetwork.org you can list housing needs but also meet up with those lost in hurricane Katrina as well as list other services you may be willing to perform like cleaning up the affected areas or giving a ride to someone.