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Transitional Housing Assistance Program

Date: 10/18/2005

Transitional Housing Assistance Program
What is Transitional Housing Assistance?

$2,358 per household, as an initial payment for three monthís rental assistance, and may be extended for qualifying applicants for up to 18 months.
This initial payment is calculated based on the average fair market rent rate for a two-bedroom unit nationwide. During the recertification process, FEMA may adjust the relevant fair market rate for the location and family size of each eligible household.
This payment is portable and may be applied to transitional housing costs for any location to which you choose to relocate.
If approved, the funds will be electronically transferred to your bank account or a check mailed via the US Postal Service.
The $2,358 is included in the calculation of total benefits for which you may be eligible.
This amount may cover only a portion of the total assistance that you need. After going through the normal eligibility process you may receive additional payments of assistance.
Am I eligible for Transitional Housing Assistance?

You may be eligible if:

You are a resident of certain Louisiana parishes and certain Mississippi counties impacted by Hurricane Katrina from a declared parish/county Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi.
You have been displaced by the hurricane, and
You do not have the means of identifying damage to your property or are unable to provide immediate documentation.
While the majority of eligible applicants will receive transitional housing assistance, some are instead eligible for comparable benefits under HUD's Katrina Disaster Housing Assistance Program.

Housing vouchers will be given to evacuees who were previously in HUD-assisted housing programs or are homeless as a result of Katrina but are otherwise ineligible for FEMA assistance.
Eligible individuals and households may contact local housing authorities nationwide to participate in this program.
How do I get Transitional Housing Assistance?

Register with FEMA online.
Or Call 1-800-621-FEMA (3362).
Or Call TTY 1-800-462-7585 for people with speech or hearing disabilities.
FEMA will determine if you are eligible
How will the money be given to me?

Funds will be made available by:

An electronic transfer to put funds directly in your bank account, or
A check that can be delivered directly to individuals through the US Postal Service.
What if I donít have a bank account?

Visit a local disaster recovery center and someone will be able to assist you with setting up a bank account.
What if I donít know my bank routing number?

Lookup your bank routing number.
How can I spend the money?

In addition to the payment, you will receive a letter describing specific program rules and guidelines on eligible uses of funds.

Transitional Housing Assistance is designed to meet emergency needs and should be spent on renting a housing unit appropriate to the size of your household.
If you do not use the money as explained by FEMA, you may not be eligible for any additional help and may have to give the money back.
It does not have to be repaid.
It is not counted as income or a resource in determining eligibility for welfare, income assistance, or income-tested benefit programs funded by the Federal government.
It is exempt from garnishment, seizure, encumbrance, levy, execution, pledge, attachment, release, or waiver.
The money may not be reassigned or transferred to another person.
You must keep receipts or bills for 3 years to demonstrate how all of the money was used in meeting your disaster-related need.