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A Helping Hand: Israeli Response to Hurricane Katrina

Date: 10/7/2005

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A Helping Hand:
Israeli Response to Hurricane Katrina

Israel shares in the grief felt by the United States. As the U.S. copes with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Israel has sent expert personnel, equipment and medical assistance to the United States. Government agencies, civil society, private companies and academic institutions have been contributing to the relief efforts.

Israel Stands with the United States in a Show of Solidarity and Friendship

In the aftermath of the hurricane, President Katsav sent a condolence letter to President Bush.
Prime Minister Sharon expressed his grief and shared condolences with the American people in a letter to President Bush.
Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom sent his condolences and offered assistance to Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.
Ambassador Daniel Ayalon discussed the situation with Congress and federal officials, and expressed his condolences to governors and mayors.

Israeli Aid Arrives in Little Rock, Arkansas

On September 8, 2005, an Israeli airlift arrived on a specially chartered EL-AL flight with relief aid. The 80 ton shipment included baby food, diapers, water, ready-to-eat meals, clothes, tents, blankets, mattresses, stretchers, first aid kits, wheelchairs and other medical supplies donated from different governmental institutions, civilian institutions and the IDF.

Photo: IDF

Humanitarian Aid and Professional Support for the Region

Magen David Adom sent a 15 ton shipment of supplies to the United States with water, ready-to-eat meals, mattresses, blankets, diapers and baby formula.
The Israeli Foreign Ministry is coordinating the private contributions of Israeli companies, including offers from manufacturers of baby formula, clothing and cleaning supplies.
Israeli airlines donated their planes in order to bring the supplies and personnel to the United States.

Photo: Magen David Adom

Israeli Universities Expand Programs for Displaced Students

After Tulane University in New Orleans closed, the Jewish Agency for Israel, in cooperation with Hillel and United Jewish Communities, initiated the process of offering students the opportunity to study in Israel.
The Israelis universities have expedited registration and expanded programs for students whose studies have been interrupted by Hurricane Katrina.

Future Measures

Israel stands ready to share with the American people the needed resources, expertise and experience to aid the continuing relief efforts.

Embassy of Israel
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